'Goosepimples in Africa' is a series of illustrated talks which I presented to schools, clubs, societies, organisations, etc. between 1998 and 2014 in order to raise funds and awareness for The Gorilla Organization, The Born Free Foundation, The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and a rural village community in Botswana.  Sadly, for a number of reasons, I am no longer taking bookings, but information on these pages may still be of interest.  


In 1984, I set up a local fundraising group for WWF (World Wildlife Fund as it was then) and after visiting mountain gorillas began fundraising for their protection ten years later.  This led to my illustrated talks, first of all for The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund UK (now known as The Gorilla Organization) and then to include the other causes described above. 


2019 therefore marks a special anniversary for me as it is thirty-five years since I began twisting people's arms for conservation and animal welfare issues in general and twenty-five years since I became a Regional Volunteer for The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund UK/Gorilla Organization.  Huge thanks to the many organisations and individuals who, over the years, have made generous donations of money, art works, cakes, raffle prizes, etc., etc., all of which have helped the causes detailed on these pages. 


I will continue to support these charities in different ways.  I have made photo-books of my experiences in Africa, which have turned out to be much admired, so who knows, could they lead to a proper published book?  If so, be assured any royalties will go to relevant causes.


Marlane (Phred) Newbury