Together We Go!

 (in claret and blue)



Samochima United are going from strength to strength and in 2015 they won a major tournament.       

Huge congratulations to the team!


It seems that their ASTON VILLA Kit and new football boots have brought them luck.  Many thanks to my friends, family and people at my illustrated talks here in the UK for donating the necessary funds to buy the adult kit and boots.   



BIRDSEYE SPORTS SHOP in my home town of Evesham in the UK, kindly sold me the adult team's shirts, shorts and socks at a very reduced price.  I had contacted major British football club ASTON VILLA a few years ago to ask if they could donate some kit to Samochima United, but unfortunately, it is not the club's policy to do this.  However, they did very generously donate a complete set of shirts and shorts to Samochima's junior team.


The photos on the right show both the adult team and the junior team in their new kit the day it arrived in Samochima in 2012.  The youngsters are trying to look serious and formal for the photographs, but they were very excited and happy with their new kit.


The adult team's football boots were purchased later with further money raised at my talks.  I was not able to visit Botswana that year, so I sent the necessary funds to Lloyd Wilmot and he met up with Coach to buy the boots from a sports shop in Maun.


Many thanks to everyone here in the UK who helped with kitting out Samochima United.




Samochima United August 2013

 This photo by Gakenaope Koloi

(who I call Coach)  


The following three photos

by Richard and Eira Walsh. 

 Samochima United and Lloyd Wilmot



Samochima Junior Team



Samochima Junior Team


   TOGETHER WE GO...................!!