Gerald Durrell was a conservation hero of mine and although he died some years ago, the organisation he founded, The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, continues the work he began.  The photographs reproduced on this website are my own amateur ones, but during my 'Madagascar Journey' presentation I also showed some wonderful images loaned to me by The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (now known by the shortened name of Durrell).


All contributions made at my illustrated talk were forwarded to Durrell to go towards their work in Madagascar.  For further information about that work, click on 'Madagascar' on my LINKS page. 


Here are a few of my photographs which I showed at my illustrated talk:



The campsite shown in the photograph above is at Nosy Mangabe, a small island near the main island of Madagascar.  It is where Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine stayed during the making of a television programme when they were looking for the elusive Aye-Aye, a type of nocturnal lemur.  On a night walk, I was very fortunate and saw one of these incredible and amazing creatures just a short distance from my tent.  An Aye-Aye that is, not Stephen or Mark!


The middle photograph is a close up of the lemur which you can just see in the photo on the left.  She is a brown lemur and although wild, was brave enough to venture right into camp.


The third photograph is of an Indri, which is a type of lemur found on the main island of Madagascar.  The Indri has an incredible and haunting call which has been described as like a cross between a humpback whale and a police siren!


Apart from those in captivity, lemurs are found nowhere else on Earth.